International ContacTango Summercamp, Italy

Welcome to the 5. International ContacTango Summercamp (4. - 14. August 2019) in the beautiful hills of Tuscany - Italy.This year we offer a 10 day Summercamp: You can choose to come for the first week or join us for the whole time: 4.-10. August Basic Week all incl. from 360,- Euro. With dancing deeper 11.-14. August from 540,- EuroThe Price includes classes, accommodation and delicious vegetarian food - three times a day!! We offer this low price to make it possible to come if you wish. To help us to support our activities and live as dancers we encourage you to be generous and give what it is worth for you. Heartily, open and supportive space with max 30 dancers. Dive into your full self and wellbeing with nature, dance and community. Basic week: In the morning 6 days with 3,5 hours of intensive Training with Bodywork, Feldenkrais and Dance Lessons.

Afternoon: special classes in CI and Tango, excursions in nature to rivers and pools, open space, silence.

Evening: Contactango Dance Nights, singing, live music

The daily Bodywork and Feldenkrais Classes open the path to regenerate and become smooth, at home and strong in your body - fit to dance wild and gentle.

The second part of the Camp, dancing deeper provides the space to explore more in depths the connection with myself, to others and nature. Dancing in nature, using sound and natures resources is what we are looking for.

The 2019 Summercamp will be facilitated again from Lydia Müller and Sebastian Mayer, dancers with many years of teaching experience.

My idea and wish for the summercamp is to create an environment for open, warm and supportive being together. Everybody is also free to spent time by himself in the beautiful surroundings. We take responsibility for our own wellbeing, the space we share and support of our wonderful italien cook. The timeframe of the camp is designed to provide the best possibility to relax and fuel your inner resources - so you can return home strong and your heart warm from the sunshine, dance and Love.

You are welcome to join us!